Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 21, 2004

so today i get to school and i see people outside, people leaving the building (bgs), and it was dark. it turns out the power was out and after 30 minutes of nothing, my spanish professor let us go home w/ 50 extra points for just showing up. i had a uc personal statement workshop today so i went to borders to work on it beforehand and when i went back to school i see this: CAMPUS CLOSED. there were absolutely no cars anywhere so it turns out the power was out for longer than expected. so i headed over to the mall to kill some time (and hopefully buy something) and talk to jena. the workshop was at 12 so i headed back to school to see if it ws still on. but those signs were still up and i went back home, hoping that the power will stay out b/c i was supposed to have a midterm today at 4. seeing as i am writing this entry at 5:11 it can be deduced that that very thing happened. the campus sayed closed and that means my midterm will be held next week. yay! although, all this kind of sucks b/c i could have just styed home since i don't work on thursday. oh well.

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