Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 26, 2007

yesterday was a semi-busy day. the day started early for me. had to re-read a chapter and sumarize it. basically, i wrote a page of bullshit. after class i ate my leftover noodle st. food. i'm going to be spending so much money there and i can see it happening with smg's starbucks too. i then went to pay rent and got a haircut. it was the most painful haircut i've ever had. what is it with salons and causing you pain?? this isn't the first time a salon cuts my hair and draws some tears for the same price. this time, however, i was sure i was bleeding. first things first, let me describe the woman cutting my hair/neck. she was wearing a very low cut top and a push up bra. so when she positioned herself in front of me it got all awkward. am i supposed to close my eyes? do i stare upwards? do i look straight ahead and focus on her neck? or does she want my nose in her bosom (sidenote-- i think bosom is one of the funniest words out there)? but enough about this woman's protruding chest, which was looking a little world weary. let me get to the painful part.

the razor/buzzer/shaver/whatever the hell that thing is called had an extremely sharp edge. i can understand if once or twice i felt its bite, but she insisted on trimming my sideburns and back of my head with that edge. "this sharp edge is my favortie part of the razor," i could hear her thinking. if there weren't a girl getting her hair done in the chair next to me, i'm sure i would have started crying and begging the universe to strike me down right then and there. my neck felt so raw, and it still does. like i said, i was absolutely positive that i was bleeding but she didn't want to tell me. even after i left the salon i kept touching the back of my neck with hand and seeing if i fingers were stained with blood. they weren't. perhaps that is the mark of a good stylist. she has to know how to cause the most pain without doing any permanent damage or how to ravage your skin and not cause it to bleed. i can't tell if there are any marks on my neck, but i can say that showering is painful. what did this woman do to me??? but my hair looks good!

afterwards, bika and i went to h&m and did a little shopping. i bought the grey hoodie i need for my halloween costume, but saw many an item i want to eventually purchase. why does that store have to have so many good clothes for such a cheap prize? we didn't stay too long because we then needed to go to boylston st. and find a city council meeting. we have to report on a municipal event for our journalism techniques course. we walked to boylston and kept walking until we realized we had walked too far. we then walked back and realized we had no idea where this meeting was taking place. we had an address, but no visible location. we settled in the vicinity of where the meeting was supposed to be, but had no idea where it actually was. there are two more opportunities for us to report before it's due, so i had us make a decision on what to do by using my tried and true method. we flipped a coin. the coin told us to go home, so we obeyed.

on our way home we stopped at u-burger. it's boston answer to in & out, and damn good. i can see myself spending a pretty penny there too. i wanted to relax and did just that. i watched top model and alternated season premieres of bionic woman and private practice. i mostly settled with bionic woman because private practice was boring. it was boring back in the spring when shonda rimes did a pseudo season premiere and it's still boring now. i won't be watching it. too bad. i like addison's character. after my shows were over i put on "the fountain." cat had gifted me a free month with netflix and this was one of three that had come in yesterday. it was a very visual and slow-paced movie. i think i may have enjoyed it if i had not been tired. i fell asleep for part of it. i thought i would enjoy it, but i sadly didn't. maybe i wasn't in the right state of mind or maybe i will never be able to like it. such a shame.

today though i have to actually attend a municipal meeting. it's at 7 on pierce street. it's on health reforms or something health-related. not quite sure. not exactly looking forward to it, but it has to be done. i am, however, looking forward to having cat and lauren come over to watch grey's anatomy. i had originally made the resolution to not watch it ater last season's terrible and contrived finale, but i'd be willing to watch it with some good company. alright.... better go. i guess i should do some work or eat something.

- R

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