Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 16, 2007

ast night was soooo much fun! it was an awesome night. i met lauren down in the theater district and had dinner at vietnamese restaurant. the food was alright, but the service was crappy. it was ok though because we were just making time before the big event. wicked was being performed in the boston opera house and the building was beautiful. it was huge and had all that 1920s grandeur. the show itself was amazing! both lauren and i had awesome seats. i was sitting front and center, baby! the girl who played elphaba was this pretty half-asian girl who resembled danica mckellar (winnie cooper from The Wonder Years). she had an incredible voice and made the role her own. the girl who played glinda was really funny and i never thought, "kristin chenoweth does it better." don't get wrong. idina and kristin have no equals in these roles, but these two grils were so good. i had shivers throughout the entire show. i couldn't believe that i was actually (and finally) seeing this show i have loved for a long time now. i've had the songs on permanent repeat in my head and have played the soundtrack about a dozen times now. it was just so damn good.

after the show, lauren and i came back to my place. i organized a gathering for some late night fun. cat and meghan came over with cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and i started bar tending. we were talking for a bit and then brandon came over. eventually we started playing drinking games and by we i mean cat, lauren, and me. meghan was still sick and didn't drink. brandon just didn't feel like drinking. eventually though i suggested we play king's cup and that's when brandon started drinking too. per usual, king's cup was a lot of fun. a lot of drinking and a lot of sensitive information revealed (thank you 'never have i ever'). meghan enjoyed sitting back and watching us reveal ourselves and acting like fools. we ended up finishing off all my alcohol and juices. there were a few party fouls, but nothing major. cat and lauren left around 3. meghan and brandon stayed around for a little bit and then they left. i pretty much passed out as soon as they left.

- R

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