Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 20, 2006

so there i was, minding my own business, when my soul mate appears out of thin air and beckons me with her feminine wiles. i thought this only happened in the movies. the lonely guy is doing his own thing when suddenly he is drawn to someone by something (can't be very specific b/c it is variable). the amazing thing is that it happened twice.

i was on my way to meet yagmur at a dining hall. i decided to take off my ipod for no particular reason, but i feel it was fate that compelled to such a bizarre action. as i was approaching de neve (my destination) i heard a voice unlike any other. this voice was not elaborating on the number of drinks she had last night or how he finally got laid, which made it stand out immediately. in fact, what i heard was a girl singing something from "the phantom of the opera". if you know anything about me, then you can deduce what happened next. i was drawn to this siren song like a moth to a flame or whitney houston to cocaine.

upon finding the source of sound i discovered it was this girl just sitting on a bench by herself, listening to what i can only assume is the soundtrack to said musical, and wearing - lo and behold - a "phantom" t-shirt. time seemed to stop for us. time continued to progress around us, but for we two it was as though we were the only people on earth. it was a beautiful moment. fate led me to the perfect girl. i thought to myself "is this really happening?" the call of love and destiny was almost too strong to deny, but it was not as strong as the call of hunger and my sense of right and wrong (meeting someone at prearranged time: right; making someone wait without having informed them in advance or for no good reason: wrong).

so on i went towards a decent meal and good company. i wonder if it had been serendipity that dislodged those earbuds from my ears in time to hear that sweet melodic voice. i wonder if there is even such a thing as a soul mate. i wonder if i should have made yagmur wait in order to introduce myself to that siren, my christine. i wonder if i should have had a sandwich instead of the pasta. que sera sera. the fates placed the potential love of my life in front of me, but i abandoned the opportunity through no fault of my own. i blame yagmur and social manners.

before you can say that was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it happened again. this time, rather than being in front of me she was behind me and it was anything but magical. i went to dinner last night with the best company in the world, a book. i noticed there was a girl sitting alone and reading something at the table behind me. i didn't give the observation a second thought and went back to enjoying my clam chowder and the warm embrace of david sedaris's wit. upon consuming my chowder and extra saucy slice of pizza i decided to top it off with a bowl of cereal.

i returned with my bowl of goodness and noticed that the girl was reading wicked. a personal favorite. was this fate interrupting my life for the better? had it just been chance that the girl held the book up so as to allow me to see the title she was reading? was it a coincidence that she was reading a book i very much enjoyed and could have discussed for a long period of time? had it been wrong of me to once again forsake fate's bounty?

i asked myself if i would have liked to be interrupted while i was reading. i followed up by inquiring if there is any good reason to put down a book in order to converse. the answer was clear to me: a bonified no. i hate being made to talk while i am trying to read a book that i obviously enjoy (why would i read a book i don't enjoy?). based on experience, i decided to look at her one more time and then leave things the way they were. i continued reading my book, she continued reading hers.

foolish? perhaps. i did, however, make excellent time and got a lot of reading done. it all depends on how you look at things. there you have it folks. some people meet their potential soul mate once in their lives. i met two in one week, and i passed on both of them.

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