Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 28, 2007

i'll try not to be so long-winded this time. yesterday was a long day. went to my classes and then went to cover a municipal event. ambika managed to sell her ticket to red sox game, so she was able to go reporting with me. we went to the brookline health department for a dat meeting regarding 888 comm ave. turns out the meeting had nothing to do with healh reforms like i orginally assumed and instead dealt with the remodeling of a building. he thing went from 7-9 and it was a bit awkward at first because there were only 8 people at this meeting. i imagined a big assembly and not an intimate setting. a lot of architectural jargon was thrown around, but the whole experience was not completely teribble. having bika there with me made it a lot easier. afterwards, we headed home and had dinner at boca grande. as we were finishing up it began pouring outside. random weather. the day started of hot and then humid and then it suddenly begins to rain. so random. i got back home and planned on boring myself to sleep. i, however, ended up getting invited over to meg's to watch the season premieres of ugly betty and grey's anatomy. we laid around watching the shows we missed and a bit of conan. i came back home about 1:30 and realized that i had a voice mail. it was from mariana. she told me about the weirdness and drama that has descended upon the group. she's been going to sleep at 9 everyday, so i responded with text. luckily, she was still awake and i immediately got a call back from her. as usual, it was great getting to hear her voice. it sucks that high school drama is plaguing my old crew. the whole thing is just ridiculous. why the people my age and older still act like kids? anyways, we joked around for only a little bit because we both needed our rest and had to teach today. i miss that girl so much, and she should not have to deal with all the childish bullshit that's going on in la.

oh, and i watched "the prestige" yesterday. good movie, and glad that i finally got to see it. well, i'm off. going to go shopping with bika and meg for groceries. we're having a mexican themed potluck tomorrow and we need the necessary ingredients to make our respective dishes. if anything of note happens, then i'll post later on.

- R

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