Saturday, February 7, 2009

November 7, 2007

so i haven't been writing everyday. sorry about that. i'm trying, people. i'm trying.

anyways, meghan's birthday dinner was nice. the weather was miserable, though. pouring rain. cold harsh winds. the day itself sucked. we had dinner in the north end at strega. the restaurant was tiny, but the food was good and the drinks strong. my kind of place. i can;t say it was exactly fun. there were fifteen of us sitting at a long table, so we only intereacted with those in our general vicinity. after dinner we stopped by mike's and then parted ways.

brandon, jenna, lauren, and i joined katie and her friend and boyfriend at a bar near quincy market. the place was ok, but it soon got filled with loud and obnoxious ex-frat boys that never grew up or never got the memo that college ended 10 years ago. brandon was going to see this female vocalist he encountered playing at the park st. station in concert near fenway, so jenna and i decided to join him. the girl was awesome. she was this cute girl who liked the blonde who michael meyers kills while dressed up as a ghost in the original Halloween. her sound i'd say was similar to fiona apple. we stayed after her performance to see the other acts, but they were god awful. the first was this screamo band that never outgrew their parent's garage and the second was some weird jazz band passing themselves off as a hip hop act.

not a lot has occured since this weekend. i spent one day being cinderella in preparation for mariana's arrival tomorrow. last night was COM karaoke. i had originally planned to stay for a little but and not drink. instead, i stayed there almost the whole time and had 2 beers. i even got up and performed, and sober! i did "Shoop" by Salt N Pepa with hema much to everyone's delight. it was a bit embarassing though when the dj made the remark that i never once looked at the lyrics. jenna had had one drink too many, so it was time to call it a night and walk her home.

today was a day of work. i had a lot of stuff to take care of today. it all culminated with me making dinner for jenna. the day ended really quickly. i completely meant to hang out with brandon tonight since he wasn't going to the celtics game either, but my chores ended up taking longer than expected. i hate when i make plans and can't follow through. it's worse than being late, which i also hate.

*sigh* well, the big day is almost here. mariana will be in boston tomorrow at 6:30 pm!!! i'm wicked excited!! i've missed her so much. i can't wait to see her and have her meet my friends. she's especially looking forward to meeting jenna, as can be expected. the next four days are going to zoom by. :(


- R

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