Thursday, February 19, 2009

I rule

Recently, my sister and I were sitting around watching television when she received a call. It was my aunt calling to see if my sister could help our 14-year old cousin with his 9th grade English homework.

My sister agrees and asks, "What's the assignment?"

"They're reading 'Romeo and Juliet' and he has to write a poem from Romeo's point of view," replies my aunt.

"He has to write a poem, and you're asking Kisai to help!?" I shout, unable to contain my laughter.

I get the evil eye from my sister and she proceeds to help our cousin. I sit and watch the blind leading the blind for a few minutes. She utters as many "ums" and "ers" as he does. Amusing as it is watching my 18-year old sister struggling to come up with any actual word, I eventually grow tired of their literary minds drowning out the television. I decide to take matters into my own hands.

"Does it have to be in iambic pentameter? Rhyming? How many lines? Shakespearean sonnet form?"

*Insert sound of crickets here*

I'm told the requirements are that it has to be an original five to seven-line poem from Romeo to Rosalind and it has to include an oxymoron from the actual play.

You would be surprised how easily and quickly I can come up with a poem/rhyme (actually, those of you with whom I did the Boston scavenger hunt knew this already. remember our team chant?). And so I composed the following masterpiece:

My lady, my Rosalind:
My heart's desire true,
I had never lived until the first time I saw you.
Grant me your favor.
Glance my way.
Though your icy stare burns me with cold fire,
I long for a love's duet to play.

Genius, right? My sister thought it was probably too good for it be from a freshman, but I was too busy praising my lightning-fast creativity.

How did he end up doing, you say? Here's the best part of the tale. His teacher loved the poem and even gave him extra credit for it.

So when the cards against me and I am doubting myself, I will think back on this most glorious of moments. The time when, at 24 and with degrees in English and Journalism, I was able to get an "A" and extra credit on a 9th grade English assignment.

I don't get praise very often, so I'll take it wherever I can. You'd be surprised how long these tiny (i.e. pathetic) victories will last me.


- R

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