Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 15, 2006

my head hurts. nothing to do. no one to hang out with. life has become even more boring this quarter.

i love and hate living alone this quarter and i think it's a preview of what could/will be when i live on my own. don't get me wrong, i love the privacy that comes with having a big room to yourself. BUT, with mike (a messy, but great roommate) gone i find myself actually feeling lonely. i wake up in the morning and see an abandoned mattress and desk where mike's stuff used to be. thank god i have a tv this quarter! i don't know what it would be like without it. like i said, it's great having the room to myself, but it sucks not having someone to talk to about random shit or living with someone who will sing along - and knows the lyrics - to ANY song with me. but enough of this mushy bullshit.

i realized that i'm never going to find anyone or make new friends if i continue with my anti-social ways that i have become way too fond of (e.g. ipod earphone permanently affixed, when dining alone i am reading a book, don't talk to people, etc). i should really change that about myself and be more proactive in my socializing or whatever. i'm way sick of living vicariously (sp?) through others. this quarter needs to be different! life demands that a change occur.

*sigh* i haven't written in a long time and now i feel like i'm ranting. anyways, i'm turning 21 in march and i need to make the most of it. i need to stop being a homebody and go out and do stuff. accept party invitations. go clubbing. hell, even drink more.... or should i say, actually drink. it's about time i start acting like a college student.

maybe i should hire a life coach (like on oprah) to assist me in my battle against my introvertism.

any suggestions/concerns/shout outs??

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