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September 28, 2008 - Roberto’s England - Vol. 2, Ch. 3


I almost didn't write this latest entry for no other reason than sheer laziness. I may have to go out and get some coffee soon because I need a jolt that tea just cannot give me. But, anyways, on to my recent activities....

I spent most of Friday doing absolutely nothing productive. Planned on heading over to TKTS for some half-priced tickets to a matinee show (I was considering Chicago or some play), but I got a late start on my day and then was far too lazy (seeing a recurring theme here?) to go all the way to Leicester Square and back. Instead, I watched the season premiere of The Office. Once again, it forced me into various emotions. Sad, shocked (is this even an emotion?), giddy,
and so very happy (if you saw the episode, then you know why. If you haven't, then I won't spoil it for you because I always get in trouble for doing that).

Eventually it became to start getting ready to for the party I mentioned in my previous update. It was a birthday party for Priyanka and Ellen's friend, Dee; she is now my friend too. In the age old tradition of partying, we decided to do a bit of pre-gaming. Brittany had half a bottle of wine; we made short work of that. But we also had some tequila that we had yet to finish. Interestingly enough, it was Pri who told us we should take shots until we finished it; we've been a bad influence on her. And so we did. And it was good.

All warmed up from booze, we made our way to The Light Bar. It used to be an electric company, but it has been transformed into a three-story bar/restaurant/dance spot. It had a great vibe and was two blocks away from The Gherkin (that building that looks like an Easter egg). Dee had reserved the top floor for all her guests and provided us with a large supply of wines and bubbly. We drank, talked, and got down with our bad selves (as you can plainly see from the pictures that were taken that night); Facebook will show you that we clearly enjoyed ourselves.

We eventually left the party and began a search for food. We had to take a bus since the Tube was closed by the time we left Dee's party. It was decided that Piccadilly might be a good spot to find some late night eats, so there we went. We ended up eating at this awful pizza place on Shaftesbury; I ate there the last time I was in London, but forgot just how bad the food was. The pizza tasted of nothing but dough. It would not have mattered what flavor pizza you ordered because each tasted exactly the same. Although, there was one pizza with purple pepperonis. We were scared of that one. But other than this disappointing eating experience, it was a good night.

The next day I was slightly more productive. Yesterday I got some reading done and sent out some school-related emails. Pri and I went to this coffee shop we like. We went there to do work, but found ourselves distracted and disturbed by the music being played over the speakers. This is normally a great place, but that day they were playing country music. I didn't mind the genre so much, but I just could not tolerate the fact that I was listening to country music in an English establishment. And they were playing full albums rather than a playlist of random country songs. At one point they put on a CD of country covers and remixes. But the most disturbing song we heard was this weird children's Christian song. First off, it was bizarre that they were playing a song for children. But being told by singing children that God will take me into the light is just too much. To top it off, and make matters worse, the table behind us had these two very loud and annoying American girls.

Call me elitist. Call me hypocritical. Call me whatever you want. But I seriously cannot stand Americans abroad. Why can't they show some tact and decorum when they are in other countries. Why must they be loud, crass, and obnoxious boobs? *sigh* Alright, ranting done. Moving on.

We planned a dinner at The Prince Regent, this neat looking pub we always pass on our way to class. Unfortunately, it didn't go smoothly because of miscommunication. Long story, short: Pri and I get there at the scheduled time. We have a drink. No one else comes. We go home and receive a call wondering if we were going to come to the pub or not. We go back and meet the others.

It was a fail. Oh well.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. It's the most important piece of news too. It took me forever to decide where to go, but I finally booked a mid-semester holiday. I will be spending 3 days in Barcelona. I'll be all by my lonesome, but I will make the most of it. Also, I have not booked it yet, but I plan on visiting Cherbourg. Why Cherbourg, you ask? For no other reason than, being a fan of the film Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, I want to take a picture of myself holding an umbrella. It's ridiculously cheesy and silly, but my high school French teacher would get such a kick out of it.... and most likely mock me for it.

So, like I mentioned before, pass along any tips you have about Barcelona sights, eats, and activities.

That's all for now. Until next time!


- R

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