Saturday, February 7, 2009

March 28, 2006

so vegas got off to a bad start b/c my parents and i were all bitching at each other. we were decaffeinated, hungry, and grouchy. after we got some food in our bellies, however, everythingwas just hunky dory. we got to the hotel, dropped off our shit, and went down to the buffet. a seafood portion that had king crab, lobster, shrimp, fish, sushi, oysters, etc. the middle eastern section had great baklava and greek food. but the best section had to be the desert tables. i'm drooling just thinking about the sinfully delicious creme brulee and the other amazing selections.

but enough about food. after dinner we headed over to the casino front desk and got our gaming cards. so from 9 until 3, our night consisted of constant playing and drinking. i was a bit disasppointed that i was only asked once for my id and it wasn't even when i ordered drinks. oh well. i'd like to say that i came back loaded, but i only came back with $6 after spending........ well, god only knows; actually, it would have been $15, but mom unwisely insisted i keep playing. i'm a true hernandez now b/c i came back less money than i started off with, which was little to begin with.

anyways, so this was the basic routine while we were in vegas. the morning we were leaving, we had breakfast (i had filet mignon benedict, in case you were wondering) and got back on the machines for a while. thank goodness for the 24-hr starbucks in the hotel which kept me conscious. we then did some shopping and got back on the road for what seemed like an endless drive back home. holy shit there was a lot of traffic. but i'm back and emerged in the world of vice and depravity........... my parents couldn't be prouder. 

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