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October 14, 2007

it's been too long since i've written anything. i was not in the happiest of moods, as you can tell from my past couple of posts. the positive thing that came out of that funk was the realization that i've made a couple of great friends over here. brandon and bika both offered their ear to my troubles. didn't take them up on it b/c it was simply something i had to work out for myself and get over. it was nice to know that they were there for me though. when i was feeling miserable last week i got cookies and a hug from meg and brandon planned on bringing me some soup. i'll be honest: not used to this kind of attention. i've always felt like i'm the one who goes out of my way for friends, but i never get any attention in return. it seems that ever since last year i have been getting repayed by karma. i truly feel like i shouldn't get used to this good fortune b/c i know from experience that all good things must end. lately i've been feeling that the old roberto is sneaking his way into my thoughts. i can't have that. i won't have that. i'm too afraid of what his influence could mean for this new life (and the roberto i've become) i've built for myself.

alright, excuse the digression. this is going to be a long post, so i apologize. i've been doing some fun things since last i wrote. i went to a hilarious play with lauren. it was hitchcock's "39 steps," but it was given the monty python treatment. i went shopping with bika and meg. they pursuaded me to buy a lot of clothes. one piece in particular is noteworhty. there was this awesome jacket at express for men (a trendy casual sports coat of sorts). i fell in love right away, which meant that it must be expensive. it was. bika and meg really liked how it looked on me and tried to get me to buy it. i wasn't going to b/c i didn't want to spend so much money on a jacket, but meg thought i looked great and would not let me leave the store w/o it. i caved. well, news of this jacket (and how i looked in it) made the rounds with the other girls via meg and pretty soon everyone knew about "the jacket." i wore it to the casino night (more on this in a bit) and all the girls were like, "is that the jacket?? meghan told us all about it. it looks so good on you!" needless to say, i enjoyed the attention. :) not going to lie, am not regretting the purchase.

moving on. went to see "the jane austen book club" with bika, denise, and brandon. i really liked the movie. it was a chick flick that everyone can relate to. i saw myself in the girl with mother issues and a penchant for pretentiousness. but i mostly related to the main male character, played by hugh dancy. he's on the short end side of unrequited love. he takes part and immerses himself in stuff he normally wouldn't all for the sake of gaining the favor of the object of his affection. i related even more when the girl he likes doesn't give him the time of day or tries to reroute his affection b/c she doesn't get the fact she's the one he likes.

let's see what else? ah, yes. casino night. friday was another grad student event. we drove over to mohegan sun casino in connecticut. i lost a lot of money, as usual. but it was good times. it was a very small group that went; just my group of friends, minus brandon and meg. we came back around 2:30 after having had a blast. it was especially fun b/c BU took care of the food. we were starving by the time we got there, so everything at the buffet tasted fucking amazing! lol. one of the best moments though was on the way to connecticut when the bus driver pulled over to use the restroom. i have never seen that happen. it was so bizarre to see it happen. i, and apparently everyone else, assumed that paid drivers don't have functioning bladders while they're working. it was a funny sight to behold.

yesterday was more good times. i wasted most of saturday. woke up at 12 and stayed in bed until 4 (watched mtv's showing of legally blonde the musical, which had catchy songs but a crappy adaptation of the far better movie). i started doing work at about 6 and didn't stop until 8:30 when i went to noodle st. w/ bika and shruti. there had been talks of going bar hopping on saturday, but i never got a call from anyone. i wasn't shedding tears over it though b/c i really needed to get work done. at 11:30, however, i got a call from jenna asking if i still wanted to go out b/c everyone was outside my complex. i almost said no (old roberto), but decided to go. i quickly changed out of my pjs and went down to meet the crew. half the group went dancing, but i went to the boston billiard bar with jenna, brandon, and will to watch the sox game and have some drinks. i had a few drinks and a shot of tequila -- i needed to relax after a night of grading. afterwards, we came back to 580 and i ended up going down to jenna's apartment where will, jenna, and i watched "the little mermaid" and joked around. the night finally ended at 4.

but speaking of grading. my god, this is one big issue i'm having. i refuse to believe that i was ever this bad a writer at their age. these kids will not be happy with their grades. some of them didn't even follow the prompt. it's all so painful and stressful. i have much more respect for teachers after this experience.

and now for something completely different. mariana is officially coming to visit me in november!!! i haven't been this happy in a long time. i have been in serious withdrawl from that girl, and we both have been in need of each other. we were both jumping and shrieking with delight on our respective side of the nation once the expedia said her booking was confirmed. i cannot wait for her to get here. 3.5 days of pure bliss. even my friends are excited to finally meet the girl they've heard so much about. it's going to be a one hell of weekend b/c lauren and cat's respective friends are all coming up to visit that weekend too. i'm already planning the places i'm going to take her. *sigh* i'm so grateful to have met and developed a close friendship w/ mariana; she brings out the best in me.

ok. i've taken enough of your time. i'm sorry for the wicked long post. i promise to go back to my usual daily posts.

later days,

- R

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