Sunday, February 8, 2009


My loyal fans,

Welcome to the Official Roberto Blog.

It's been a long time coming. At last I can say, "Why, yes. I do indeed have a blog." No longer will I have to explain that I have posts on one site, posts on another, and so on. From now on, all my musings, deep thoughts, witty banter, and mindless chatter can be found on the site you are currently viewing.

But allow me first to explain this blog a bit. All posts prior to this one are a compilation of my previous attempts at blogging and keeping my friends au current. Since this will be my "official blog," I wanted to create a forum that held all my thoughts. So here you will find posts from 2004 when I first started blogging all the way through the present.

It's fascinating to see how much I have changed throughout the years. I don't simply refer to emotional growth and maturity, though that also is evident. I refer to how my writing has changed. Even something as basic as capitalization and spell checking; I used to simply write and post, editing be damned. Moreover, my writing began to develop greater depth, style, and humor. My writing is a reflection of myself; watch my posts grow, watch me grow.

But enough rambling, I want to take this moment to thank you. I received so many compliments on my batch of travelogues from my time in London. As my journalism colleagues can attest, what greater joy is there than to know that people genuinely enjoy reading what you have to say? So thank you for liking my writing. I hope to continue entertaining you.


- R

p.s. I've said it once and I'll say it again, don't let me ignore my duties as a blogger. Remind me to write (aka tell me to stop being lazy and use my downtime productively)


  1. Roberto, darling--

    I doubt you even remember me. Recall now your first trip to England...Jennifer Witherspoon...that's me.

    Funny thing happened this morning as I logged into Facebook (a rarity itself), your name was the first thing I happened upon. And so, the fates called out to me. How could I refuse them? I wonder how life treats you these days. I am sad and lonely in this pit of hell called Orange County, only temporarily, of course. Having just graduated from UC Berkeley and with the economy the way it is and jobs as scarce as they are, I have returned, the prodigal daughter, ready to take my post (ONLY TEMPORARILY) by my mother's side.

    It seems that you are well--at least, you are writing well. How pleasing it is to read the words of an artist, and not those of a money-grubbing conformer with a good idea, but really only half the brain cells of a chinchilla. I do hope our paths cross again soon.



  2. Jen,

    This is a surprise! I see we're in the same boat in regards to (temporarily) wasting away in Orange County. I'm here until I finish my final project (my program's version of a graduate thesis). Of course, as you so alluded to, who knows how long after I finish it will be before I actually have a job.

    I'm glad to hear you managed to escape Cal. Phase one complete. I grad school in your future? And if so, will you be sticking with English?

    Anyways, good to hear from you. Now that you've found me, do keep in touch.

    - R