Saturday, February 7, 2009

December 16, 2007

meant to do my grading last night, but i did jack diddly squat (wow. when was the last time i used that phrase?) i left jenna's place around 3pm to start my work, but instead i wasted time on the internet. i washed some of the pile of dishes that has been plaguing me. wasted more time on the internet. so like i said, i did nothing.

later on i went to dinner with brandon at the union. we tried out rhett's, the wannabe johnny rocket's, and it was pretty good. we chilled at the union for a few hours and then came back home. at this point, it was pretty clear that much work was not to be accomplished. instead, i played online games (thanks for the link, brandy). i did that and finished washing my dishes until i got an invite from brandon for some late night fun.

we let here about 11pm or so to meet up with his college friend, nicole, and her friend, courtney, at Match. Match is a burger and martini bar on mass ave. it seemed like a cool little place and slightly trendy. still undecided as to whether i'd go back or not. anyways, we stayed there for what seemed like 15 mins. before the girls wanted to go elsewhere. i chugged my drink and we left. we then went into this most frattish of establishments, the cactus bar. we stayed there for a while before we went off to some other place. our next stop was an even more crowded and frattish place. we stayed at this place for 5 mins. before finally settling at uno's.

brandon and i got home about 2:30am. didn't do any work, but it's always fun hanging out with brandon.

today, however, i will work and work and work. i promise. alrighty, let's get to it!


- R

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