Saturday, February 7, 2009

April 2, 2006

I know what you are thinking, and you're right. I am damn sexy, but that's besides the point right now. I said i would attempt to write everyday and my blogging has been growing less frequent. i promise to attempt to try to change this during spring quarter.

anyways, i get to see leya today after......... jesus, has it been a year? it's been WAY too long!! moreover, she is coming to school with me today so that will (i hope) be a lot of fun. melissa doesn't have class on monday so she might just be at jesse's until tomorrow night. i'm not sure about yagmur's schedule, but hopefully she can hang out. some of my friends have already met leya 2 years ago, but they since they don't remember her and they hear so much about her i was hoping we could all hang out together. well, we'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow. all i want is for leya to have fun b/c i don't want her regretting coming up to LA. maybe we could go down to westwood and watch a movie and/or get coffee. or we might just be lazy and go to bruin cafe. again, we'll see.

in other news, since ucla beat somebody at some sport (basketball, i think) my professor is going to cut class early tomorrow so we can go watch the game (the final, i believe). that makes berto very happy. not b/c i'll be watching the game, but b/c my first day of class will be short.

also, i highly doubt i have a new roommate this quarter, but yagmur instilled doubts in me as she usually does. i hope i don't. as boring as solitude is, i've gotten used to living alone and i don't want to give up the other side of the room which i have taken over like moss on a rock.

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