Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 29, 2005

today is my first day of school and it began w/ a 9AM Latin discussion an and a few embarrassing moments. the first embarrassment occurred when i tripped walking upstairs and would have smashed my face against a step if i had not caught myself. after that moment of grace i went to what i believed was the correct building, but it turned out i was thinking of my wednesday schedule. so i finally got to the correct building, but then couldn't find the classroom; that number room seemed to be non-existent!. i then realized i was still thinking of my wed. schedule, but i managed to get to my class w/ enough time to read a few chapters in Wicked.

what a day......... and it has barely started b/c i still have a 2PM class. luckily, i know exactly where that one is. 

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