Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 10, 2007

yesterday was an interesting day for me. brandon wanted to watch the patriots game, but he didn't have a coaxial cable. my apartment cam ewith one so i didn't use the one i brought from home. i told him i'd bring it up for him in the morning. i ended up inding it just as the game started, but since he has an lcd tv my cable didn't work for his tv. i knew he really wanted to watch so i had him come over to watch it at my place. at that point i start thinking to myself, "what did i just do?" i could care less about sports, but i didn't want him to miss the game. well, people, i watched the football game with him and it was not bad at all. at times it was even entertaining. plus, i realized that a football game is more commercials than a sporting event. am i now to become a football fan? highly dubious. yet i realized that, if need be, i can totally watch a football game and not be bored out my mind.

anyways, so the big 3 (meghan, brandon and i) -- we decided last night that of the big group we are the central core -- had a lot of work to do. meghan was feeling sick and spent most of the day in bed. brandon and i, as i mentioned, watch the pats game. he left after the pats won and then it was off to do work. allegedly. i barely got anything done and jumped at opportunity to go out for dinner with the peeps. the 3 of us ended up going to a steakhouse and then hanging out in meghan's room. we talked for a while about this and that; mostly about movies and celebrities. after a while we moved the party to brandon's place and watched an episode of heroes. after the show we parted ways to get actual work done. i got back and tried to find britney's performance at vmas b/c i missed it due to hanging out. my god. it was god awful. i lost any shred of hope i had that britney still had a future. i was so disgusted that i actually started doing my work.

flash forward to this morning. turns out my first class got cancelled, so i woke up early for no reason. ugh. i hate when that happens. good that class is cancelled. bad that i woke up and did work for nothing. blah. also, britney may or may not have been to blame for the horrific "performance" she put on last night. will update as i get more info on that.

- R

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