Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 23, 2007

woke up at 12. hallelujah! two days of sleep. i may very well be cured. so i woke up and ended up watching swan lake on pbs. a great ballet and one i need to see live. i actually could see it as it is coming soon to boston, but it's a show i want to watch with my mom; she's always wanted to see it too.

i had another late breakfast and procrastinated until about 6. i then started doing my reading. ok. i'm exaggerating when i say i started doing my reading because i was mostly watching the So You Think You Can Dance marathon. then i got a call from jena and we started catching up. around 8 i was visited by meg. we laid around watching the tail end of the marathon. the show is much more interesting when you watch it with a dancer next to you because she was explaining the moves.

at 10 i got a call from ambika saying that she was home and about to start cooking. i decided to write my article on a campus activity on her. she's a bu student living on campus and doing a normal campus activity: cooking for herself. meg joined me for a while. anyways, i watched her cook and took notes on the experience. we then ate her food, which was pretty darn good. afterwards, we just talked until for a few hours. we realized how similar we are in terms of experiences, concerns, personalities, and interests. and here i thought our similarities ended at our being california kids going to bu for journalism. it was really great getting to know ambika better. we both shared the same concern over possibly forming really close friendships with this group of friends of ours and then having to say goodbye because our respective programs end at the same time (1 1/2 years). we can both see each other becoming very close with each other and with the rest of our crew. this is bad. the year has barely started and i'm already dreading the goodbye. well, at least i'm sure that this is going to be a great experience. my time at bu is going to be a blast and will cap off my college years wonderfully.

- R

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