Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 1, 2005

ok, so the purpose of this post is to regail all you w/ the frustrations i experienced in the dining hall last night. having checked the online menu, i realized they had tacos de carnitas and churros in rieber. so down i went and managed to cut ahead of this huge group of sloths. all seemed to be going soothly, but then my mom calls and forces me to lose valuable time and spaces to this huge group of hungry students that decided that they wanted to eat in rieber too. 15 minutes later, i finally managed to start the hunting and gathering process. i barely escaped w/ my life after fighting through the crowd surrounding the pizza, but i did manage to grab the last slice. normally, i would have gone for the salad bar but that too was inundated w/ students. "screw the salad" i thought. i hd come down for carnitas and carnitas is what i was going to get. much to my dismay, the carnitas line went on for what seemed for miles; it consisted of stupid white people who referred to fajitas as FaJYTas (pronounced like vaginas - just replace a few letters). long story short, i eventually managed to get one measly taco. my dinner consisted of a meager mile of rice, 2 slices of pizza, and a small taco.

needless to say, i was still very hungry. i refused to grab another slice of oh-so greasy and oh-so yummy pizza or subject myself to another 10 mins. of listening to bros slaughtering spanish words..... so i grabbed an apple. there i sat eating my apple and hoping that it would satisfy my hunger (which it didn't) when i noticed this guy in front of me who also came to eat alone (yes, i was alone like the hungry loser i am). directly in front of me was the display case for all the cakes and other fattening goodies, mocking me ruthlessly. well, this guy goes and grabs himself a big piece of cake (3 TIMES!!!). how the hell did tht guy stay so damn skinny when he apparently does nothing but read and stuff his face w/ cake over and over and over again??????? it's not fair! i want cake, too! why must i only be able to eat an apple for dessert!?!? but whatever. i brought it on myself by getting all fat. serves me right.

anyways, thanks for letting me rant and rave over trivial things. if you actually made it through the whole thing, i tip my hat to you. sadly, now i must begin studying my latin and chaucer classess. pray for me.

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