Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 14, 2007

was so tired yesterday. i thought for sure i was going to pass out after one sip of alcohol. well, good thing we didn't end up drinking. brandon, ambika, and i went to the bu pub. meghan was in her dance class and would meet us there later. jenna, megan 2, cat, and lauren were also going to meet us at the pub later on too. so here's what happened. we got to the pub and found out that the promotion guy never showed so there was to be no free drinks that night. such a bust. brandon was hungry, so we went out in search of food. he wanted to go back to his place but i knew i would simply pass out if we all went back to our homes. i told him to snap out of it and we ended up going to a thai food place. after spreading word about the no free drinks thing, we were eventualy joined by cat, lauren, and meghan. the kitchen closed before we could order dessert, so we made a spur of the moment decision to head to the north end. we got ourseves some gelato and discovered that the new kate hudson/dane cook movie was still in production. we ended up watching them film a scene for a while. the night ended early. we all got home at about 12. i could tell that meghan wasn't feeling well, though she denied it. and i was about to collapse from lack of sleep. even when i got back to my apartment i couldn't go to sleep for a while. ended up watching some tv and talking to allie for a while.

tonight the crew is having dinner and drinks at sunset cantina and then going over to cat and lauren's place for more fun. better take a nap before then.

- R

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