Saturday, February 7, 2009

December 26, 2007

xmas with my family is the same every year: lame. this year, however, was particularly bad.

my family and i didn't get to the party until 10:30pm (a new record for us. the previous was 10pm). we kept getting phone calls wondering where we were and why we hadn't arrived yet. well, the reason for their concern was that they just wanted their kids' presents so that they could leave. we are all together for about 20 mins. by 11pm it was just us, the hosts, and my grandparents who were staying there for the night. it was completely pointless for us to have come. even my mom (a woman who is all about family togetherness) said she should have just mailed them their damn presents and stayed home. my parents and sis could have arrived in their work clothes and i could have stayed in my pjs and it would not have made a difference.

we stayed until 12am just to be able to say merry xmas and then left for home. also, those oh so lovely women that married into our family were in prime form. bitching about this and that and causing more drama than usual. it got to the point that we seriously considered making new year's a "Fuentes only" affair (i.e. no wives). and just to show how truly bad this xmas was, my mom (again, the woman who would risk life and limb for family togetherness) declared we would spend xmas abroad next year. i suggested they could come spend it with me in england and they thought it a grand idea. my dad and sis don't particularly like england, but they prefer it to spending another craptaculous holiday with the family.

yet xmas did end up being salvaged. we got home hungry (no one had saved any food for us) and wide awake, so we just decided to not wait until the morning to celebrate xmas. dad heated up some late-night munchies, i made some drinks, and we went ahead and opened our presents.

it was the worst/best xmas ever. i am seriously done with the whole Fuentes family xmas thing. in fact, i am done with the whole Fuentes family holiday thing in general. we are all fed up with each other and no longer care to pretend otherwise. i predicted, and the matriarchs (mom and grandma) agreed, that this is the end for us. we are all going to start celebrating the holidays on our own because we all can no longer function as a family anymore.

xmas day was a day of laziness. we spent the day eating and watching movies. watched harry potter 5. this was immediately followed by ratatouille (i really liked this one. didn't think i would). and this was immediately followed by happy feet (a serious movie with social commentary disguised as an animated family film. undecided if i liked it or not). and that was xmas day in a nutshell. not bloody exciting, but nice.

probably won't be doing anything today. just hanging out with my mom or something. if anything of note occurs, i'll let you know.


- R

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