Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 24, 2007

i hate mondays. but i also hate tuesdays. well, i pretty much hate every weekday because i'm always in school. yesterday was different though. the day started off with lunch with ambika at noodle st. hey are going to memorize our names pretty soon because we all go there far too often. what can i say? the food is good and the price is right. plus, the music and decor are just so interesting. there are license plates on the walls and the music will alternate between top 40 stuff, classic classical music, and fun classical music. before going to class we stopped by the business school's famed starbucks. it's huge, but they are cash only. wtf? shouldn't the business school be the one least likey to have a cash only business?? oh well.

other than that nothing of note occurred. we all got an extension on one of our stories, so that was good. walked to class with meg, which we were kind of bothered that we hadn't done it before. we have class at the same time (6-9) and our classrooms are directly facing each other. can't believe it took us this long to realize this. so that may become a regular thing. what else? hmmmm..... ah yes. the second season of heroes started last night. it was an ok episode. nothing amazing. being the impatient guy that i am i had already read the big spoilers for the new season so nothing came as a shock. still, a good episode will be highly enjoyable regardless of spoiler knowledge. oh well.

that was my day. exciting? no. such is my life. though i did talk to allie for a while. she was telling me about the going ons of her life and of other people. it's always nice talking to her because we always tend be on the same page about stuff we talk about. oh, and cat gave me a free month to netflix. doubt i'll subscribe again because i don't have the time, but i am not one to turn down anything free. well, that's it. now to do some work.

- R

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