Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 6, 2007

with the exception of saying hello to brandon i spent the day alone today. like i said, i switched one of my classes for (hopefully) a better one. then i went and took care of my loan situation. i have money to pay bills now. yay. so i took care of that and can cash it tomorrow. afterwards, i went to my teaching techniques class to get ready for my first day of teaching tomorrow. we figured out discussion topics and mentally prepared ourselves for the day that could ultimately decide the dynamic of the class for the rest of the semester. i'm trying to think that it's going to be ok, but i'm nervous that i will royally fuck this TAing thing up.

i got home at 6 and started making some dinner. i decided to make myself some comfort food; something to just relax me and put me chill mood. so i cooked some steak, made some mac & cheese, and opened up a bottle of wine. i had a nice little dinner then sat down by my window to work on tomorrow's lecture. i organized how i want tomorrow go and enjoyed a nice glass of wine. i finished my work and called michelle. i was meant to call her about 2 weeks ago (oops!). i actually could have easily gone to boston beer works with jenna and brandon, but decided to just stay home. michelle and i had a long conversation and it was great getting to talk to her.

i wouldn't have minded having had visitors, but i sort of enjoyed being alone tonight. i am really looking forward to tomorrow's grad student event at the hyatt. it should be a lot of fun and i hope to meet some more cool people. i'm really surprised at how i have generally liked every new person i've encountered.

- R

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