Saturday, February 7, 2009

November 22, 2007

yesterday was the first day of thanksgiving break aka my four days of solitude. i woke up early in order to have breakfast with jenna and say goodbye before she left for home. i was hoping to get a lot of work done, but i only accomplished 2 out of the 3 tasks i set for myself. i did my laundry. graded my papers. but i did not transcribe my interview with the state rep. that was my day in a nutshell. the most exciting part of the day was getting a call from jenna and going light bulb shopping. my floor lamp started making loud buzzing noises like a bug zapper does when it's doing its job.

today was slightly better, i guess. woke up around 11 and stayed in my pjs all day. i washed my pile of dirty dishes and watched a couple of movies. first there was "Four Rooms." then there was "Knocked Up." then it was "Spirited Away." and let's not forget "The Princess Diaries." my life is wicked exciting, i know.

i decided to treat myself to a cool dinner, seeing as it is thanksgiving and all. i made reservations for 1 at eastern standard. chose there because i could have a cocktail before dinner. i dressed up and left to start my thanksgiving dinner.

the night started off well enough. i got to the restaurant a short while before my reservation. i hung up my coat and was led to a booth at the far right corner o the room. the table was set for four, so they removed the superfluous dining sets and sat me down with my back facing the other guests. i figured that if the night got boring or awkward then i could always watch the other diners enjoy their food and the company of their respective parties. clearly, this was not meant to be. apparently, i was only meant to stare at the empty booth seat in front of me and the curtained glass wal behind it.

i tried my best to look like i've done this whole "eating alone" thing before. i sipped on my water and nibbled on my roll while staring at the wall as though it were the most fascinating object in the world.

my only solace was that i spotted another lone diner at the table on my far left. another bostonian bereft of friends, family, and girlfriend on thanksgiving. his view was obstructed by a wide column; it seems that lone diners aren't allowed to see the happy diners who arrive with guests, or rather the restaurant would prefer their guests not have to look at the pathetic single diners.

after looking at him a second time though, i rethought the part about the girlfriend. the large spectacled man wore faded jeans, old sneakers, and a frumpy brown crewneck sweater that covered the breasts currently resting upon the table. i may be alone, but i at least am dressed like a man about town.

i look like a night at the theatre will follow dinner and that i had spent the earlier part of my day at a cocktail party or some other classy function. in reality, i spent the entire day in my pajamas and my after-dinner plans include getting back into those pajamas and into bed with a pint of strawberry of haggen dazs.

my personal victory didn't last very long. i was not carded upon ordering a cocktail. i look old enough to drink alcohol. old enough to drink is just that.... old.

the other lone diner, being one course ahead of me, eventually left and i had nothing to look at. all i had was his abandoned glass of water and this was soon cleared by a bus boy. i finished my second cocktail and thought it must surely be late. i checked my cell phone and saw that only an hour had passed.

my second solace of the night was that i kept getting text messages from friends expressing their pity over my solitary situation. one cup of coffee and a slice of rum cake later, i returned home. i slipped into some pajama pants and will now watch tv/movies until i pass out.

happy thanksgiving to me....


- R

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