Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 1, 2007

so now i am in boston. i'm surprised at how fast i adjusted to life here. i miss mariana and the rest of my friends more than you can know. and yet, i feel oddly at ease and comfortable with my new situation. i thought i would not be able to handle living on my own without a friend and in a whole new world. 

i spent my summer making connections on facebook and have made what i believe to be a good group of friends. i went out with two of my new friends (who also live in my building) last night and had some good times. soon classes will start and i'm going to have some routine in my life. overall, i think things are going to be alright....... especially now that i have cable and no longer have to watch hannah montana as a source of entertainment.

promise to begin udating this thing again.

- R

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