Saturday, February 7, 2009

November 3, 2007

ok. so i have a lot to write about because i have not been updaing you guys. well, this week was halloween and it was the best halloween ever!

jenna and i went on a ghost walk throughout the beacon hill area of boston. it was a lot fun and the neighborhoods were beautiful. every house was involved in the holiday and the atmosphere was the halloween of my dreams. after the ghost walk, we went to harvard square for dinner and our other activity. we had dinner at border cafe, a mexican-cajun restaurant, that had great food at great prices. from there we went to see a live version of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." it was the first time jenna was seeing the movie, so she got a big V painted on her forehead. we both a great time at the show. I had always heard of all the shit that goes down at this show, but it has to be seen to be believed. we got back home at about 1 am and watched "Nightmare on Elm Street."

after the movie we laid around talking. obivously, jenna and i have been spending a lot of time together; we've basically been hanging out everyday. i had been wanting to talk to her about this and so have some of my friends. lauren, meghan, and bika took notice and started asking what the deal is. well, i decided that halloween was going to be the day. it would either make or break the day, but we needed to have THE TALK. we were asking each other random questions and i just went for it. i admit that i was trying to manipulate the situation so that she would ask me, but i just finally sprung it on her and put the topic on the table. well, long story short, we are officially together. so now the day means more to us than ever. it truly was the BEST halloween EVER. :)

the next day, calls were made and text messages sent. our friends were really happy for us. now, mariana is REALLY looking forward to meeting jenna (as is jenna). i went to lunch with brandon in the afternoon. i haven't really talked to meghan since she started becoming more serious with her boy. it sucks, but i've kinda got used to it. oh well. but brandon, however, i really started noticing that i wasn't talking or hanging out with him anymore. he and meghan are the two people that i have liked the most since starting my life in boston, and i didn't want to lose touch with him too. i was supposed to hang out with jenna, but i my work ended up taking hours rather than minutes. i finally finished my work at 10pm and suggested we go out for a drink and dessert. we went to this nice restaurant near our place called eastern standard. would have liked to spend more time with her, but it was still nice.

yesterday was chill for most of the day. we all had plans to go to a post-halloween costume party at night, so i had that to look forward to. late in the afternoon i went over to brandon's to hang out. again, i really want to get back to how we used to be. what can i say? i've missed the guy. we watched a cool french movie from the 60s, some tv, and then a trippy kids' movie called "The Mouse and His Child." we got changed into our costumes and left for the part around 9:30 pm. it was held at wes and dave's house. the party started of a bit chill, but then it became wicked fun. booze will do that. drinking and joking around became huge drunken dance party. i'm so grateul that cat drove to the party to take us all home.

i woke up about an hour ago. was supposed to wake up early to do laundry, but i could not force myself to get out of bed. today is meghan's birthday party, so i need to start getting for that because we are all meeting fairly early. and just to close..... jenna and i made our status public on facebook and have been receiving calls and messages from every person on earth. we have become the talk of the town. so odd. now i know why i have never made my status expicit on facebook. it's all in good fun though.


- R

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