Saturday, February 7, 2009

November 8, 2005

so this morning my hair was being a real bitch and when i get mad at it, bad things usually happen. out of anger at my long hair (i should have cut it a long time ago, but i'm so lazy) i decided i couldn't wait any longer and that i would just cut my hair at the on campus hair stylist place; i usually get bad haircuts this way because i don't think and just do. anyways, i go get it cut and figure "$15? well, i normally pay that price anyways and this includes shampoo. fine, i'll do it." well, the guy seems all cool and is doing his thing. he suggests something diffeent b/c it will work w/ my face or some shit. i agree and he finishes. it looks a bit long, but after he thins it out some more it actuallys appears shorter even though he didn't cut it. he styles it and i think "rock on." well, then he tells me "that will be $25." i think at first that he is joking and then i realize he isn't. turns out he chrages more for his work or something and so i end up getting ripped off b/c he tells me this after the fact, but i figure well at least my hair looks good.

flash forward to my getting out of the shower. i start styling my hair when i realize just how thin and long my hair really is. i can't do anything with it b/c it looks bad! i'll have to go out and buy a different product (eg pomade) in order for me to be able to do anything w/ my hair. so not only did i get ripped off, i'll have to go spend even more money (that i don't have) in order to look presentable. FUCK! i should have just kept my hair long and annoying! GAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

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