Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 5, 2007

i applied to grad school and will find out if a master's is in my immediate future in mid-march to early april.

i also got back yesterday night from a weekend in vegas. my grad student friends and i went for our friend sarah's b-day. we went clubbing at Tryst and TAO. we don't really know how much we spent (yikes!), but we had an awesome time. i feel it was completely worth it. this is my last year as an undergrad and i couldn't have wished for a better year. i love the new friends i have made and all the new experiences. i look back on last year and realize what a shell i lived in. i missed out and know that i never want to go back into that shell again.

the bad thing is that every amazing moment i share with these people is one moment less i'll spend with them. my time at ucla is about to end and i'll have to move on while they remain. i can't continue. i'll have to write down my thoughts at a different time. i can't afford to get emotional and depressed at this moment.

until next time.

- R

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