Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 26, 2005

let me begin this posting by saying that i am so damn tired!!!! so very tired!!!! i moved in on the 24th and was very pleased w/ the whole situation. the move-in was a breeze and my roommate and suitemates are very cool guys (i lucked out!). i actually spent my first night at UCLA alone b/c my roommate, Mike, went to sleep at his house as he lives in the LA area. the room is surprisingly large and i so could have brought a bean bag or more stuff; i definitely should have brought a mini-fridge, and i think i still will.

yesterday was the big UCLA event known as bruin bash. it consisted of an "enormous" activities fair that wasn't all that big, a (long) concert by common and thrice, a dance, and a midnight screening of "In Her Shoes." however, before all those festivities i went and had brunch at "the other school" w/ Ahmar and Yusuf. not even a full 24 hrs. as a bruin and i had already become a traitor by not only fraternizing w/ the enemy, but eating w/ them as well at one of USC's (ugly) dining halls. after returning to the safety of westwood village, and after picking up Allie and Melissa, i went and had my first dining experience at UCLA.

the concert was not the greatest of things (despite pretty nice seats) as i am not a huge fan of either common or thrice. We then skipped out on the dance and took a night time stroll of our beautiful campus  until it was time to wait in line for the sneak preview of the movie. yes, it was chick flick and, yes, under normal circumstance (i.e. me dishing out money) i would not have even bothered to see it. oddly enough, i quite liked it. we even got free popcorn, magazines, and posters to go w/ the free movie.

overall, everything has been going great. i still can't believe i actually go here; it'll sink in when classes start.

like i said before, i'm tired as hell and need to go take a nap or something (got home around 3:30 am)....... if i survive yet another 15 min. walk up the hill to my dorm.

peace yo!

p.s. i'll be posting pics of school and my newly decorated dorm, so stay tuned!

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