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December 15, 2007

hello all (i say all because i realized last night just how many people actually read this thing)!

well, i am officially done with my first semester of grad school. i still have to grad my students' papers and turn in my grades, but i'm not counting that as graduate work. i didn't know how to feel. i called mariana and my mom at the end of thursday to inform them of the news. my mom asked how i felt about it and it took me a while to respond. i think the best way to describe how i feel is: *sigh*

i'm relieved to be done with my work. that it's all turned in and gone. i'm glad that i can stop stressing. i'm glad to get a break and be able to read for fun again. but it saddens me because i know that 1/3 (is that right? i'm god awful at math) done with my graduate career. i now only have two more semesters left and only one left in boston. london will be a whole new life, so i'm counting that one as different. this semester zoomed by, so i can only imagine how fast next semester (my last in boston) will go. will it be enough time with these amazing new people i've met? will i want to finish up in london and rush back here to boston, this new place i'm happy to call home?

i don't know how i feel. for the moment, relieved. in the long run, not so thrilled about nearly being done with grad school. mom says i should be proud of my achievement. i am one step closer to my ultimate goal. true, i guess. i hate the end of things and saying goodbye. i get attached to people very easily, and that's always been a problem of mine. sometimes in my darkest thoughts i wish i could go through life without friends. i'd live my life without having to say goodbye, without having to miss anyone, and without having to wonder what my old life is like without me. then again, the people i've met throughout my life have made me who i am. saying goodbye is just a part of growing up, and i really need to accept that.

in other news, yesterday was a day of parties. we had two TA parties to celebrate a job well done. first, we had pizza and such with the dean. then we all went over to the dugout cafe for drinks. seeing as who we work for, COM gave us $200 for booze. i love this job! anyways, we bought a bunch of pitchers of beer and some bottles of wine. it was really chill. we just drank and had some laughs. some of us talked to each other for the first time. a bit sad, but we've never really had the opportunity to just sit down and talk with one another. eventually, i convinced some of the crew to play king's cup. good times.

i left the TA party around 7:30 to head over to harvard for a goodbye dinner jenna planned at border cafe. i was excited to hang out with everybody and get some amazing food. unfortunately, the cards were not in our favor. they would not give us a table until everybody in our group was present. when we were all present, they kept telling us it was going to be a 25 min. wait. then a 15 min. wait. then a 10 min. wait. so 2 hours and one strawberry margarita later, we finally got fed up of their fuckery (credit goes to britney for this word) and left to find food elsewhere. we ended up going to a nearby bertucci's and were so hungry that we didn't even care that they split our group up. the way we attacked those rolls you would think it was our first time seeing food.

bertucci's food was still mediocre. that's never going to change. though i admit their pizza is a step above mediocre. so i guess that makes it a "not bad." food aside, it was really nice having dinner with brandon, meghan, and jenna. we all haven't hung out in such a long time. it was the crew reunited again, minus one of our members: bika. alas, she had left earlier in the day for home.

the original plan was to go out for drinks after dinner and meet up with denise and brittany. unfortunately, that didn't work out. denise and brittany were too tired to go out again. so brandon, jenna, and i went to the BU pub but left soon after arriving. we instead went back to brandon's apartment to watch a movie, which we didn't actually do. we watched craig ferguson for a while, but i got tired and we left brandon's place to go to bed.

.... and now for something completely different. turns out a lot of people read this blog. i know i advertise it on aim, but i didn't actually think people read it. turns out meghan, shruti, and others read it. i always wondered who those 50 daily views belonged to. even jenna's friend, kim, has read this blog. so odd. speaking of how many people read my blog, i guess i owe people an apology. i write down my thoughts and forget what it is i actually write down. i knew there was the possibility that my friends read this, but i didn't actually think people did. meghan and jenna called me out on what i wrote regarding the crew's salem trip and meghan's birthday party. apparantly, mine and brandon's blogs have been quite the subject of conversation for jenna and meghan. "these boys are so sensitive," they said. oh jeez. i think i should write a disclaimer like brandon did for his blog. although, he said he still gets shit for what he writes. bah. whatevs.

alright, enough blabber.

happy reading meghan, jenna, shruti, brandon, et al. lol


- R

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