Saturday, February 7, 2009

December 31, 2007

I came back to California expecting family drama. What I didn't expect was that the drama would exist outside my own immediate family as it normally does. Instead, as my loyal readers know, all the shit I've been dealing with has been with the extended family.

As Leya can tell you, hell may very well have frozen over because I truly feel that my parents, sis, and I are finally at peace. It all started about a month ago when my sister and I had a serious conversation (something we have never had before). It was so bizarre having this arch-nemesis of mine taking my advice to heart and being able to talk to her like a normal person or (dare I say it?) a friend. It's so odd that there has been not a single raised voice, argument, or anything since I've been home. My family and I get along. Wow. I never thought I would ever in my wildest dreams say that. Is this temporary or is it merely the beginning of a new relationship that has taken nearly 23 years to create? If it is the start of something new, then it figures (my luck being what it is) that it would kick in once I am ready to completely go off on my own. Oh well. Better late than never.

Anyways, my family and I went to see Enchanted. I loved the movie. In fact, we all did. It was so cute and really funny. The ending was a bit contrived, but I forgave the film in light of the rest o the movie being so great. Amy Adams was excellent as a stereotypical Disney princess. The film exceeded my initial positive expectations. I definitely recommend it.

After the movie we went to dinner at CPK and introduced my mom to the wonderful world of mojitos. Meanwhile, the quest for finding alcoholic drinks that my sister likes continues. Sadly, it appears that she will be one of those "girly drinks"-kinda girl. Oh well. I'm still optimistic though. We'll make a drinker out of her yet.

Tonight, however, will not be so positive an experience. It's New Year's Eve, and that means it's another family gathering. My mom, being the strong woman that she is, is fighting every urge not to go to the party and deal with more bullshit. She's making us go for my grandparents' sake. I'm very curious though as to how tonight will go after the fiasco that was my uncle's birthday party. Will we being our usual fake selves and pretend we like each other and enjoy each other's company? Will we forgive and forget? No bloody likely. Or will we simply go at it until we lack the strength to keep fighting from the moment we are gathered? One thing is for certain, my parents and I are not getting there until late. We promised to show, but never said when we'd show.

Just one more night with the family and only a few more days until I go back home to Boston. Brandon said he might come back to Boston when I do, so that will be fun. I'll chill with Brandy for a couple of days, meet up with Jenna in New York, and try to forget the wonderful time I had in California.

Happy new year! I wish everyone a better time than I've been having.


- R

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