Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 21, 2006

i never told anyone about this, with the slight exception of Allie, but i applied to write for an on-campus magazine. why didn't i tell anyone? well, there are two reasons: 1) i didn't want to have to tell them that i was rejected 2) it's a feminist magazine.

that's right. i said it. i will be writing for a feminist magazine. so what!? feminism is something i believe in and it shouldn't matter that i am a guy. furthermore, my working for this magazine should not have to raise any questions regarding my sexuality.

anyways, i found out today that the editor loved my application and wanted me to join her team. if you disapprove, then that is your choice. i, however, am excited to take my first step towards becoming a published writer - especially because it will concern an issue i strongly believe in (as i previously mentioned) and not just a random topic.

but enough chit chat; i have an 800 word article (small, but nevertheless time-consuming ) i have to turn by friday. if i don't get a large portion of it done this weekend, then the large amount of reading i get every week will make it very difficult (to say the least) to meet my deadline. so wish me luck, wish me well, and wish me a a large steak to appease my carnivorous appetite.

a bientot!

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