Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 13, 2007

ok. i guess i have a lot to talk about.

two days ago (tuesday) we had another grad student event: the duck tour. i had already done when i visited boston in may, but decided to do it again just because it was fun and it was a chance to hang out with people. the day was pretty miserable. the morning was cold and then it began pouring. the duck tour was still on though and i wasn't going to miss it. we ended having the same guide i had in may: the canadian lumberjack. same jokes. same facts. but it was still fun. i did, however, feel the tour was longer this time around. it stopped raining halfway through the tour, so that was good. once again, however, i was late to class. it took forever to get on the B train. the class was the media law class i switched into. best decision ever! the guy is entertaining and his 3 hour course seemed FAR shorter than the other professor's 1.5 hour class. turns out i wasn't the only unhappy one b/c there were three other people from the other class who also switched into this class. we all were quite happy with our decision. the subject will still be boring, but at least this professor will make the experience tolerable (and at times enjoyable).

i came home at 9 and was starving. i never got the chance to eat anything. i noticed that meghan had baked cookied, so i decided to go up and see if she would share one with me. well, she beat me to it. i opened the door and there she was, fresh baked cookies in hand. she did me one better though by bringing me a bowl of pasta so i could finally get some food in me. i'm a lucky guy.

yesterday, was a lot more fun though. cat and lauren had invited brandon, meghan, and me to see a free screening of "Good Luck Chuck." meghan had originally rejected the offer b/c she had far too much work to do. i went up to her place to bring back her bowl (which i had filled with an assortment of chocolates and her favorite, peanut m&ms, as a small token of my appreciation) and silverware and found out she was going to go after all; she had a bad day and she wanted to relax. anyways, we all went over to the theater and saw the movie. the movie how do i put it?..... disturbing. it had its funny moments, but i generally did not like it. ten year olds doing dirty things and dane cook eating out a penguin. i'll just leave it at that.

after the movie we all went to the bu pub. the pub is housed in a vine covered "castle". it is such a chill and cozy place. drinks and food are at a good price too. so we sat around eating, having a few drinks, playing darts, and chatting until the place closed. at this point we parted ways; cat and lauren went home and we 580ers headed back. rather than separating, we decided to play frisbee in the courtyard again. we tossed the frisbee around for a while (i think we got better this time around) and decided we still wanted to hang out. so we all went over to brandon's and just talked. we had a long q & a. got the whole awkward topic of sex out of the way. learned a lot more about each other. we ended talking until 2:30 AM before meghan and i went back to our respective apartments.

needless to say, i was pretty damn tired in the morning and had to nap after my morning class. it was worth it though. i love nothing more than good conversation and good company. it was great talking with those two and getting to know each other. per usual, i left some stuff about my life out of the conversation. i thought i was over the whole keeping my past a secret thing, but i guess i'm still a bit hesistant about complete self-disclosure. anyways, tonight some of us are going back to the pub. turns out it's promoting a new vodka, so it's having a free martini night. should be fun.

- R

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