Saturday, February 7, 2009

November 27, 2005

I went home Tuesday night for Thansgiving break with big plans that included driving (sidenote-- I hate having to drive, but I hate not being able to drive even more. Yeah, I know, I'm weird), drinking, hanging out with old friends, watching "Walk the Line," eating great food, and more drinking. Well, I only got to do the eating part because I woke up Wednesday morning with a fuckin' ear infection. I swear, the Lord hates me. Anyways, I most of that day on the couch applying ear drops every hour in order to temporarily end the throbbing pain that was tormenting me. Furthermore, because I had/have to be on antibiotics I could not drink a single drop of yummy yummy alcohol. The one thing, besides my dad's gravy, that I was counting the days for was not going to happen. Dammit!

Like it happened the last time I went home, I couldn't wait to leave. So now I am back in my dorm and alone because my roommate, Mike, is still enjoying his Thanksgiving vacation in Maui. I was so looking forward to drinking. Don't get me wrong, I'm no alcoholic. It's just that I realized that alcohol was the thing missing from my life. Ok, maybe that does make me sound like an addict but I swear I'm not (no, that is not denial); just enjoy some vodka every now and then.

So now to explain the title of this post (How Mariah Carey Made Me Fat(ter)). I went to the dining hall tonight and they were playing xmas music. For the record, I do not like xmas music because it is soo cheesy and it is always the same songs (remixing and remaking, does not a new song make!). However, I am a closet fan of some songs. Case in point, as I was about to walk out of the dining hall they play my all-time favorite xmas song: "All I Want for Christmas (is you)" by Mariah Carey. I actually turned around and had a dessert just so I could sit there listening to the song. So sad. Anyways, so that is how Mariah contributed to the growing obesity problem in America.

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