Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 18, 2007

ok, so i almost didn't write today. but since i promised.

here's what happened yesterday. after class, bika and i went to h&m for a while. she bought some stuff, but i came out empty-handed. nothing screamed out, "BUY ME!" afterwards we got some lunch at a local food court b/c neither of us had eaten anything all day. from there we went over to payless so she could find some cheap rain boots. we each almost bought a pair of shoes, but we decided that we could live without shoes we didn't actually need........ unless of course we feel later in the week that we deserve them. :) we were supposed to stop by rei, staples, and the art store but we were both so damn tired that we just came back home. my plan was that i was going to watch pushing daisies (my new fav show!) and bionic woman and then pass out. wrong. at about 10:30 i got an IM from brandon asking if i had had dinner. i hadn't and the talk of food made me hungry, so we made a late night fast food run to mcdonalds. we came back to my place to eat and watched the travel channel until about 1 AM. now, surely, i would go to bed. nope. i talked to jena for about 45 mins and THEN i went to sleep. such a masochist.

today was a good day though. woke up with a headache, but advil soon took care of that. after my classes i was going to come back home, finalize my students' paper grades, lesson plan, and watch my thursday tv schedule (betty and grey's). change of plans. i accepted a dinner invitation from jenna. we went to cornwall's, a local british pub. we had a good beer and good burger and just talked. we got to know each other a little more and made some tentative plans for her to come spend time with me in california. afterwards, not ready to head home, we went to the art store. i bought some supplies and she bought a calendar of her favorite artist. turns out we both have a big interest in art, art history, and feminism. i had a really good time.

later on, now home, meg came over to watch betty and grey's with me. we never talk anymore, which is something i do not like at all. i felt bad that i lost the opportunity to just chat with her b/c i had to do some point manipulation (damn suggested overall class average!). now, however, i am debating whether i want to do my lesson plan tonight or see if jenna wants to watch a movie with me. hmmm..... i guess i'll have to answer that tomorrow. so, my non-existent readers, that means i am going to have to keep you in suspense.


- R

p.s. almost forgot! i got a call from jilese today. i haven't talked to her in years and it was so weird to reconnect with her. unexpected, but good.

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