Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 29, 2007

sorry for not writing. have lacked the spirit to do so. here's what happened.

friday night, after grocery shopping, i went to a dance show with lauren and meg. meg invited me, so i decided to go. it was my first experience with contemporary dance. it was not bad at all. sure, there were some hits and misses. overall, however, i wouldn't object to going to another dance showcase. after the show we went back to meg's place for dinner and a movie. bika ended up joining us and meg made us all pasta. we were going to watch "elizabeth," but the mood wasn't right. we were in too much a jovial mood from joking around and such. brandon eventually came over as well, and the fun just continued.

with the exception of the fiesta, saturday was uneventful. i woke up late and procrastinated on my work. soon it was time to start cooking for the potluck. i made guacamole and prepared steaks for the burritos. there were a lot of steaks to cook, so it took me longer than i anticipated. in fact, i was an hour late. the crew was all there by the time i made it to ambika's; even brandon got there before me and he was the one who was going to be late. the food was good and lauren made a pretty tasty spiked punch. everyone loved my guacamole and meat, so that was a plus. it was a fun little gathering. later in the night though we decided to hit up a bar. those of us remaining went to boston beer works. we had some drinks and talked. i came home around 12:30 or 1. don't remember. it was good times.

well, i guess i better get work done. later days.

- R

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