Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A thought

I was driving when I noticed the road kill in my lane was a seagull. How does a seagull (or any bird for that matter) end up as road kill? I pose this question to my mother who tells me it's probably a matter of birds dying mid-flight and falling onto the asphalt.

The image of a bird dying in mid-air sends my mind racing. The thought of a bird suffering a stroke and falling to Earth is simply hilarious. Simultaneously, it's a pretty terrifying scenario. I imagine walking (hahaha,... that would be the day. As if I would walk anywhere. But I digress.) down the street, minding my own business. All of a sudden, a dead bird drops on my head. If I'm lucky, the impact would kill me instantaneously or cause me to fall into the path of an oncoming car. With my luck, I'll survive the incident. Bystanders will laugh at the unbelievable sight and tell their friends and family. To add further insult to injury, no one would believe me if I told them that an avian corpse nearly knocked me unconscious. Live or die, no scenario is to my liking.

I figure I'm safe since in nearly 24 years of living on this planet my person has never suffered any bird-related injuries. Yet I still fear for my safety. My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. Without fail, my birthday always brings me bad luck. Don't know why, but something bad always happens on or around the date of my birth. To make matters worse, my birthday will once again land on Friday the 13th. What horrible fate will befall me this year? Stay tuned.

On a different note altogether, I've decided to also use this blog to post some stories. Some will be old, some will be new, and some will be works in progress. I've realized that I never really share my stories. It's time to change that.

So I would appreciate your comments on these (and any posts for that matter!). Don't be shy to post your thoughts on my musings because I love feedback of any kind.


- R

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