Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 9, 2007

not too much to report about yesterday. brandon came over shortly after i finished having breakast and invited me to go to the pool with him and meghan. i still haven't gone out to buy some trunks, so i passed and told him i had to read and such. did i actually do any work? no. they came back shortly after realizing that the pool was closed. not doing anything at all, i got dressed and went over to brandon's place. the three of us watched an episode of Heroes and then meghan left to have a girls' night out.

that left brandon and me. so it was to be a guys' night out. turns out we are two boring guys or at least it seemed like it. after meghan left, we watched Black Snake Moan. it was a pretty interesting movie with some Tarantino-esque qualities to it. after the movie we went out in search of food. we ate a Chipotle-like mexican restaurant. i had an invitation to a party one of the TAs was having. brandon and i were going to go, but then i got into one of my weird moods and told him i prefered to stay in tonight. so we went back to his place and watched Jesus is Magic. then the boredom set in once the movie was over b.c we couldn;t think of what to do. after a while we played Sonic Heroes. by we i mean i played, though brandon did join in a little later. we played until 12:30ish and then i decided to make my exit. i crawled into bed and realized i never called back allie, so i did that before going to sleep.turns out melissa and yagmur were in the car with her. they had just left a beach bonfire hosted by the grad students in honor of tuling and were now on their way to a bar. i talked to all three, but didn't get the conversation i wanted to have with allie b/c of the present company she found herself in. she told me how mariana was singing my praises and saying how proud she was of me. my two groups of friends together and i was on the other side of the country. the phone call didn't last very long at all, but it was enough to make me very sad. boston is great and i'm having a good time, but god i miss what i left behind. i didn't sleep very well at all last night. i was too depressed to simply close my eyes and sleep. i realy need to get over all of this or i will soon be having no fun at all.

in other news, i apparently have at least 2 readers now. slowly, but surely. good to know my life is interesting to somebody. also, i feel kind of guilty for making such a quick judgment of brandon's love interest. i don't know her, but she must not be bad if brandon is interested in her. he has a sort-of date with her today, so i hope things go well for him in that area. finally, the subject of vacation destinations has been tossed around a bit. where will i be for thanksgiving. don't know. i know i won't be going home. i may just end up having thanksgiving with nick's family in conneticutt. that would be fun and i would get to see mariana again. christmas break is an even bigger issue. will i be going back to california???? again, i don't know. i feel i should go for at least a week. there was talk of a trip with the grad students, but i'm not quite feeling a trip to mexico city. there is also talk of a trip to new york with meghan and the boston crew. i don't know what i'm going to do. the only thing i'm sort of sure of is that i'll be staying here for spring break. i've had people mention the desire to come over to boston for spring break, so i would have to stay if that's the case.

*sigh* we shall see. we shall see.

- R

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