Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 3, 2007

first off, i may move this blog back to my old xanga account. am undecided, but it's not like i have a thriving readership. we'll see.

yesterday i met up for dinner with some other COM grad students and had a really good time. the people who went were a good group of people. after dinner at uno's we all went down to bu beach (it's the charles river, but the sound of rushing cars resembles waves), sat around, and just got to know each other. we joked around and talked for 2 or 3 hours. after a while it started getting really cold so we said goodbye to our new friends, parted ways, and the 580ers (now including a new member, jenna) headed back to my place to chill. we lounged around and watched tv. they all left at about 1 am. 

i went to bed last night feeling, well... tired, but also optimistic. i'm really looking forward to seeing this crew agin and meeting other COMsters at orientation and the subsequents events. as mariana can attest, i can be very critical of people but i am also a good judge of character. everyone i've met so far has just been awesome. it's going to be a good year and a half.

anyways, today was the TA orientation. i met the other 19 TAs. one of them also graduated from ucla. one of them looks like a dark haired lc (i.e. she's pretty good looking). the deans who teach the class are pretty darn cool and it be will fun working with them. afterwards, we went into the lecture hall and met our students. i can already tell i'm going to have a hell of a time keeping attendance b/c i'm god awful with names and faces. i had them put a check next to their picture b/c i didn't remember their names. they SEEMED like an ok group, but i won't know for sure until friday section. 

well, if anything of note happens today i'll write about it tonight or tomorrow. can't believe i start grad school tomorrow. *insert stress relieving scream here* but in all seriousness, i'm stoked. i got a sweet apartment. cool new friends. it's going to be good.

gotta look on the bright side of life....

- R

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