Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 4, 2007

shruti ended up coming over yesterday. i was sitting around not doing anything and so was she. we figured we might as well sit around together. we basically lounged around watching some tv and talking. i made us a simple little dinner and then decided to go out for a walk. we walked down st. mary's place to beacon. the weather was great - the night was warm and there was pleasant breeze in the air. shruti's a sweet girl and i'm glad we got to talking over the summer. 

today was also the first day of class. the day started early b/c i had managed to procure some quarters last night was able to at least wash some of my laundry. i barely made it to my first class. actually, it was the com 101 class that i TA for. it was the first day of lecture. let me just say that i am so grateful for the list of names they gave us b/c they are accompanied by pictures. i barely survived the class, however. i had not had time to eat breakfast or get some coffee, so i was falling aleep.

my first graduate class followed an hour later and it was pretty scary. what would it be like? did i get myself in way over my head? it ended up being very boring. the professor is a very accomplished and seemingly nice man. he kind of looked like bush. anyways, he spoke soooo slowly and droned on. it's going to be a long semester unless i can manage to get another professor. after class i headed straight to orientation and met up with everybody. it was kind of cool to be the only people in the room who knew each other and had formed a group. everyone else was scattered about and alone. i met my advisor who looks like a hawk and is quite intimidating. i have to get on his good side b/c he's also my professor.

later on, i went to the gym with meghan and sudesna. i looked like suhc a dork b/ i realized when we got there that i had left my id at home. i hate looking foolish, but it happens quite often. luckily, students get one free pass. well, now i'm pretty tired from the gym. i want to try and talk to mariana before pasing out.


- R

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