Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 6, 2008

a quickie (really, i'm just using this to procrastinate):

sorry for not writing in a while. i have done so much since last i wrote. i spent a glorious 2 weeks with mariana, so i had better things to do than write in my blog. it was amazing and tragic spending all that time with her. we were jet setters and created many long-lasting memories. therein lies the tragedy. i grew accustomed to being together again and now she is gone. there is the slightest chance that i'll see her for a day or two in late march, but it is highly uncertain. we parted ways not really knowing when we would see each other again. so for many reason, we shared an emotional 2 weeks. i will forever treasure those days for i never thought myself worthy of knowing such happiness.

also, here's a list of the latest musicals i've seen:
- The Little Mermaid (you knew that)
- Spamalot (you knew that one too)
- The Color Purple (with Chaka Khan!)
- The Producers (with Tony Danza.... unfortunately)

upcoming musicals i will be seeing:
- I Love You Because... (maybe)
- My Fair Lady
- Avenue Q (on my birthday no less)
- Anything Goes
- Company
- She Loves Me
- Jesus Christ Superstar

i'll try to start blogging again on saturday once i catch up with all my work. although, i do have sough drafts to write. we'll see.

'till next i write,

- R

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