Saturday, February 7, 2009

November 24, 2007

my weekend of solitude continues is almost at an end.

yesterday was a day of work. unfortunately, i did not get as much as i meant to. i went to get stuff dry cleaned, but found out that every place is closed until monday. i suspected that this would be the case, but i saw no harm in taking a chance. so now i have to go to the dry cleaners on monday morning or something. i transcribed my interview with the state rep and realized that i have to do reading for my test on tuesday (thanks, bika!). i was supposed to compile data or my research project and work on my articles, but i wasted a lot of time. if i had actually stuck to my daily to do lists, then i would have been slightly more caught up with my work. alas, my add wins again.

i did, however, apply for a job. the COM 101 TAs were invited to apply for the three Writing Fellows positions that are opening in the spring. i got notice of this on tuesday, but i was hesitant about giving my time to another activity that is not related to my career. plus, i have been looking forward to only having three days of school-related commitment. but after talking with jenna about it i decided to go for it. so i updated my resume, came up with writing samples, wrote a cover letter, and sent off the application. i'm really ambivalent about the whole thing, actually. if i get the position, then i'll have another high paying job; it's the second best BU job, COM 101 being the first. if i don't get it, then i can spend my time on more worthwhile pursuits like freelancing and jenna. i will soon enough know what the future holds for me as the Writing Center heads plan on conducting interviews next week.

today was..... i guess i'd say it was productive. i cleaned my apartment, so now everything is all shiny and clean. afterwards, i started reading the articles i need to have knowledge of for my ethics test. i did a little research for my investigative journalism project. did i accomplish everything i meant to do? of course, not. i never do. in my defense, cleaning an apartment takes a really long time. you have to vacuum, scrub, mop, sweep, and so on.

i still have so much to do tomorrow. was hoping to take a break, but that is no longer in the cards. i'm just happy that jenna comes home tomorrow. i've been feeling really lonely. i've missed her a lot. it will be great having her and my friends back in boston. maybe i can convince everyone to go out for a group dinner or something. i could really use some social interaction.

well, back to work.


- R

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