Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 8, 2007

yesterday was quite a day. it was my first day of teaching and i was so nervous. i didn't want to screw up, look unprepared, or seem like a push over. it went pretty well. we went for the full hour and i think i got a pretty good group of kids who won't give me too much trouble.

afterwards i came back to my place and made myself a sandwich from the leftover steak. too bad that when i sat down to enjoy it there was a fire alarm and i had to leave the building. my food got cold by the time i got back. i pretty much just moped around the apartment and didn't do anything until it was time to get ready. i can be soo boring sometimes.

anyways, i got myself all swanky and left for the hyatt with meghan and sudesna. brandon and the others were already there by the time we got there. the hyatt was a lot of fun! we started off with two drink tickets each, but throughout the night i was given extra tickets by the deans. awesome. oh, and then someone was foolish enough to leave two tickets on their table so megan 2 and i stole and used them. i ended up having four drinks and would have had a fifth one if cat hadn't told me she wanted another drink (didn't feel right letting her pay for a drink when i had an extra ticket). we all danced the night away (even the deans!) and had ourselves a grand old time. the dj was playing a good mix of old and new music. the party got really hyped once i requested "baby got back." i met some new people while partying it up and even got to talking/dancing with a few of the other TAs. they all had good experiences too. throughout the night there were these two indian girls that kept gravitating toward our group. they even kept looking/smiling at me and trying to make eye contact. attractive though they were, i was not interested in them. overall, they hyatt event was good times. it was like a mini prom/winter formal. i hope the other grad events are just as fun.

i got a call from allie during the night and talked to her for a bit, but it was so loud that i could barely hear her. we left the hyatt about an hour before the event wwas scheduled to end. jenna and megan 2 left to find more stuff to do. brandon went off with some of the people in his program. nery just plain disappeared. the rest of us, however, ended up going to uno's for some late night dinner. we parted ways and went home after uno's. meghan and i stopped by brandon's to see if he was in and to find out the results of his interaction w/ this film girl he's interested in. she seemed like she had this huge stick up her ass. she seemed really cold, frigid, stand-offish and like she didn't like anyone, anything, or even herself (most likely to have been emo in high school). turns out, according to brandon, that she is actually really sweet and was just extremely shy. hmmm.... so i hope the best for him. he's just nervous that things could get awkward if it blows up in his face b/c his program consists of only 16 people.

well that was last night in a very small nutshell. it was definitely good times. now to (hopefully) get some work done. i may go to a party one of the TAs are having tonight. i also need to get out of this funk i am currently in. i woke up ok, but got progressively blue and melancholy. the depressing music my ipod was emitting didn't help my situation in the least. *sigh* need to stop succumbing to these bouts of sentimentality.

- R

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