Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 15, 2007

so here's what ended up happening last night. first of all, i was a lazy, lazy bum yesterday. i got off work, came back to my place, and changed into some pj pants. i was tired and listless and lounged around most of the day. i could/should have done work, but i just really needed to relax. so i made myself a nice pasta and had a glass of wine. would have stayed in my pajamas if brandon hadn't suggested we pre-game before going out. so i put on some clothes and brought over some booze. i had a drink and watched "An Evening with Kevin Smith" with him. it was time to leave so we met up with meghan, sudesna, and ambika to head on over to allston to meet cat and lauren.

we meant to eat at sunset cantina, but the wait was 90 mins. instead, meghan's cousin who also joined us, suggested we go next door to big city. so we all basically had a beer and ate some food. at this point we were joined by maria and katie. after dinner we went over to cat and lauren's really nice apartment. was so envious. anyways, lauren made a batch of her world-famous margaritas and we played scene it. people eventually started going home leaving only brandon, katie, cat, lauren, and myself. lauren then made an equally delicious batch of strawberry margaritas. talked and joked around for a while. brandon and i ended up coming home around 3.

today, however, is going to be just as awesome. i'm seeing Wicked tonight!! woot! will elaborate later tonight or tomorrow depending on the night's events.

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