Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 19, 2007

nope. didn't get any sleep. could have slept until 11, but woke up at 6. ended up watching a knights of the zodiac ova. the guy who posted it had it in spanish so it totally brought back memories of my childhood. luckily, i got sufficiently tired to fall back to slee for an hour. *sigh* this insomnia sucks.

i didn't do anything really until 7pm. went to a BU tv information session. ended up being a bust though because i don't have the time to commit to the show i wanted to write for. after the meeting, lauren, brandon, and i went boca grande taqueria to get some food. i had already had dinner, but i can never resist the chance to eat. such a glutton. after dinner we were joined by meghan and we all went to see Across the Universe. it was fun hearing all these Beatles songs strung together in a modern movie musical.

tomorrow is another grad student event. we're taking over the bell in hand tavern. should be a lot of fun. definitely need to unwind. this lack of sleep is not helping the weird emotional state i find myself in. let's hope i get some sleep tonight. can't get too much b/c i have to wake up early tomorrow.

- R

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