Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 17, 2007

not much happened yesterday. i woke up and started cleaning up the apartment. no major party fouls, but a good mess. around noon i went grocery shopping with meghan and came back to start washing the big pile of dishes i had waiting for me back home. i pretty much spent the day reading except for when i took a short nap to recuperate from the night before.

meghan and i made plans to watch the emmy's at my place. ambika joined us for a bit and brought over some fresh baked brownies for everyone. i love friends who bring me food. :) brandon also stopped by for a bit, but left shortly after the show started. meghan and i layed around watching the show for about 1.5 hours or so. we both had work still left to do. i had to come up with 3 article ideas for my journalism techniques class. my first choice, and the one my prof. ended up liking, was a proposal to go through the audition process to be on BU's soap opera. this should be interesting.

i'm wicked tired (excuse the boston slang. it slips in every so often). woke up early to do laundry and then finished up the work i had to do for my first class. came home, tired as hell, and did more leftover work for my 6-9 class. no rest for the weary. the day seemed so long and i was falling alseep in both my classes.

the best part of the day though was getting a call from mariana. we're both missing each other. it was so great to hear her voice. we couldn't talk for long because we were talking during my classes 10 min. break. her call totally recharged my batteries. i can't wait to have her come visit. i'm sure my friends will love her and that she will love them too. november seems an eternity away.

alright, off to sleep. i'm about to pass out on my keyboard.

- R

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