Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 28, 2007

the boos cruise was wicked awesome! brandon was marty mcfly. bika was a pink lady. meghan was holly golightly. jenna was michelle from American Pie. and i was donnie darko. we met up at meghan's place for a pizza party. we then headed over to the harbor and met up with cat (little bo peep), lauren (irish bar wench), and nery (saloon girl). the view from the topmost deck was beautiful and the night's weather was great. it occasionaly rain a little, but it was refreshing. it seems that everyone chose this particular event to get really drunk and debaucherous. i spent most of the night talking and having drinks with jenna, but we did dance for the last hour of the event. everyone ese spent the night dancing and partying on the boat, so perhaps we missed out a little. i didn't mind at all though. i got home and was in desperate need of a shower. i was drenched in sweat from all the layers i was wearing (shirt, thermal, jumpsuit, and sweater). i went over to jenna's for a bit, but we were both passing out so we called it a night.

yesterday was even better. jenna and i spent the day in salem. salem is an awesome city. we went into into all these cool witchcraft stores and looked at spellbooks, amulets, charms, and such. i'm so glad that jenna is totally into this supernatural stuff like me. the weather was dreary (mood-setting, i'd say) and a large majority of the people in the town were in costume. i had so much fun. jenna and i had an amazing time walking around the city and had a really good dinner. the restaurant was all decked out for halloween and we had an awesome waitress. our food was delicious and our drinks excellent. after dinner we went to the salem witch museum. the museum was all stuff i already knew about the witch trials and such, but it was enjoyable. the town was even cooler at night with all the trees lit up and the full moon in the sky. we went into a few more stores after the museum and then made our way home.

cat and lauren were hosting a get-together, so we trekked on over there. it took us a while to get there because neither o us had been there on our own before, but we eventually got there and with the ingredients for vodka tonics to boot. wes and meghan were also there. jenna and i down over half the bottle of vodka, so we were feeling pretty good by the end of the night. cat drove the 580ers home at about 2, i think. was planning on calling it a night because i was pretty damn tired (and tipsy), but jenna ended up coming over. we talked and joked around for a while, but passed out about an hour or so later. even though i got a lot of sleep, it was tough getting out of bed at 11:30 to get ready to go see the theatrical adaptation of "Donnie Darko."

i can't say i really liked the play. the set itself was cool, but the direction and (occasionally) the acting was crappy. their donnie never even wore the iconic skeleton outfit. it all seemed so rushed, but i guess it was an interesting interpretation of the movie. overall, the play was ok. nothing could compare to the movie.

blah! have so much work to take care. so much to do. well, going to bid you adieu now. better get started.


- R

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