Saturday, February 7, 2009

June 5, 2008

It's been two months since last I wrote? Wow. I've been really bad.

Well, I guess it's time to sum it all up.

- I spent a 5-day weekend in LA with Mariana
- Been working in the Writing Center and built closer friendships with my co-workers
- Mariana spent another weekend with me in Boston
- Been hanging out a lot with Jacquelyn
- School (3 As and one B+. Stupid Manoff.)
- The day after spring semester ended, I was basically drunk for 14 days straight
- Started hanging out with people from my program
- Currently taking a culinary journalism class, which is pretty chill
- Saw several shows
* The Drowsy Chaperone (so funny; a theatre junkie's show)
* Jesus Christ Superstar (first row and with Ted fucking Neeley as Jesus. I swear, I
had a religious experience)
* She Loves Me (sooo good! such a cute and funny musical. Plus, the cast included
Troy Britton Johnson [Drowsy Chaperone's original Robert Martin] and Dick Latessa
[Hairspray's original Wilbur Turnblad]; will be seeing this one again on Saturday)
* Chess (an imperfect show, but I REALLY liked the music; I now have four different
recordings, for crying out loud)
* Cosi Fan Tutte (bittersweet)

The last two months have been filled with more social activities than anything else, so I have no real complains.

Will I start writing more? Eh.... we'll see.

- R

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