Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 27, 2006

today my friends and i attended an opera. it was two of puccini's one-act operas: "suor angelica (pronounced like 'sore')" and "giani schicchi". we were all glad we went, for more than one reason. "suor angelica" was a very sad and emotional piece. those girls had some amazing pipes, particularly the protagonist. the prize, however, went to the second piece. i am normally a fan of sadder themes, but this piece was hilarious. everyone was cracking up the entire time. it also featured one of my favorite opera songs (see title of blog). overall, the experirence was fabulous (hmm.... i don't think i have ever used that word before).

and now let me tell you the other reason(s). the girls enjoyed themselves b/c they were surrounded by what they considered really hot guys. i had a really good time b/c there were good-looking girls and one that was a dead ringer for rachel leigh cook (assuming it wasn't actually her). it was pretty bad. we were all blatantly staring and following them around. i strained my neck a couple of times just to look at her. she was sooo pretty. but seriously people, we did not even try to hide our staring. we practically left a trail of drool wherever we walked.

i love the opera!

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