Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 22, 2007

instead of working on the take home midterm for my media law class i am writing in my blog. damn add.

i did little to no work this weekend. i should have just gone to salem. oh wait. i couldn't have anyways. blah. whatever. saturday i spent far too long working on one assignment and the day was wasted. jenna came over that night. we talked about salem for a while. turns out the trip was just as i had gathered; it was not very organized or managed. they didn't leave here until 11 and they didn't get to salem until 1 because the transportation issue wasn't planned out properly. the trip itself was pretty lame too. jenna told me that they didn't do any cool salem stuff like going to a witch trial museum or go into witchcraft stores. they went to the house where an author once lived. i don't get why they did that. you're in salem and you go see a house? instead of all that salem is most famous for!? jenna came back really disappointed with the whole trip (too many people wanting to do different things and no organization whatsoever) and we decided that we needed to go there together because we are both into witch stuff. so i guess i shouldn't be disappointed i didn't go. i would have come back thinking the trip was a waste of my time. afterwards, we watched "Amittyville Horror."

sunday was a repeat. i basically did no work. i did, however, take up painting again. it was good to work out my artistic muscles again. have lost my touch, but nothing a little practice can't fix. later that night, jenna and i went over to brandon's place to watch the last half of the red sox game. we won and got into the world series! it was so cool for that to happen while being a student here. we assumed that fans were going to go crazy, but i had no idea how festive they'd get. brandon went out to join the celebration, but jenna came back to my place for another night of movies (this has obviously become a regular thing). my window faces kenmore where all the sox fans flood into after a game. we were amazed by how wild the fans got just simply getting into the series. i wonder how crazy they get when they actually win.

the fans screamed and cheered until almost 2 am. at one point a large group of those razed fans congregated directly under my window. the cops had to block off the street and try to keep them under control. it was a mini riot outside my building. i ended up taking a couple of pictures and videos of the wild activities. eventually we got bored of the outdoor festivities and closed my window. jenna and i stayed up watching movies again. we watched "Carrie," "Catacombs" (a crazy original movie. we both were so weirded out by what we had seen after it was over), some tv, and then part of "Independence Day." this time we had a long night. we both passed out around the time when the alien that will smith captured comes back to life, so we decided we should just call it a night. jenna ended up leaving my place at about 6 am. it sure was a good thing we both didn't have class until 1 pm. as can be imagined, we both found it hard to wake up when our respective alarms went off. it's cool though. i had a really good time with her again.

i'm excited for upcoming events though. friday is the 'boos cruise,' which i just know is going to be a lot of fun. sunday, i'm seeing the theatrical adaptation of "Donnie Darko" (btw, i got the dates wrong and thought i was seeing it yesterday) and then taking a trip to salem with jenna. and then next wednesday is halloween!! i cannot wait. my favorite day of the year! jenna and i are planning on doing a ghost walk and other halloweeny things like carving pumpkins, dressing up, and having a horror movie fest.

*sigh* this post went on for far too long. i really need to start this midterm. grrr.... i hate school.


- R

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