Saturday, February 7, 2009

September 21, 2007

last night was wicked fun (yeah, i used wicked again. i hear it often and i can't help it. sounds a lot better than hella though. hate that word.). i was tired as hell throughout the entire though. i have yet to conquer my insomnia. i just cannot sleep. i did, however, manage to take an hour nap.

the night started with a pizza party at meghan's place. the attendees included the usual crew (brandon, meghan [duh!], lauren, cat, and i [duh, again]), ambika, and two other friends. after dinner, we went over to the Bell in Hand Tavern for another grad student event. the place is actually the oldest tavern/pub in the country. it has two floors and our event took place on the second. the night started out lukewarm. people stayed in tiny groups. no one was dancing. to put it plainly, it was very blah. luckily, it did not stay like that. nery started getting her freak on and got a little movement going. but then nery requested a latin song and they played suavemente (the only latin song white people seem to know). nery and i hit the dance floor and, apparently, got the party started. we started pulling people onto the floor to dance with us. once again, i ended up with a horde of drink tickets. i had 3 (would have been 4, but nery knocked one out of my hand), and passed all the others around. i was well liked for that move.

i had so much fun last night. was dancing with this person and that person and whoever pulled me into their midst. my, how much i've changed. i was the guy who stayed seated while every danced and had a good time. i used to be so scared and shy. look at me now. i still can't believe how different a person i am. leya... jena... i hope you're proud. this cute girl ended up joining our group during the night, but no one seemed to really know her. we talked, danced, and enjoyed each other's company. it was nice to meet someone new. didn't get her name, but i don't think she got mine either. oh well. it was fun anyways.

despite going in exhausted, i came out of there having had a blast. in fact, we all had a really good time. the crew went back to meghan's place, intending to toss the frisbee around, but ended up just chilling and talking. went back to my apartment at about 2, i think. i thought to myself, "well, have to wake up early tomorrow to finish my lesson plan but at least i'm exhausted enough to pass out until then." wrong! i kept waking up about every hour on the hour. what the hell is wrong with me?? moments of melancholy and depression, panic attacks, and insomnia. what the hell? i need to get control of my life. it can't stay like this b/c i'm afraid i won't make it through this experience. our friend, sudesna, has temporarily dropped out of her program and is going back to india. we barely got to know her. hopefully she'll get better and we'll see her again in january. we're going to miss her.

on the plus side (excuse the poor transition), i finally picked a halloween costume. i will be going to the hollywood themed booze cruise as donnie darko. got the skeleton jumpsuit and just need to go out and get a grey zip up hoodie. a simple and fun costume; meghan liked it. as for today, i taught and then had lunch at noodle st. with meghan, ambika, shruti, and sudesna. i hate saying goodbyes. after lunch i tried to get some sleep, but failed miserably. in other news, i also need to get a haircut. there's a salon next to noodle st. that has a special for guys monday-wednesday, so i'm going to try and get there monday morning. most likely, i'll go wednesday since i only have one class.

so here's what happened tonight. went to dinner at a local thai place with brandon, jenna, and ashley. the food wasn't bad, though brandon's choice ended up being surprisingly spicy. he was unable to eat it. sucks. dinner was fun. got to know this girl (ashley) we met yesterday at the bell in hand. made a fool of myself by falling into a fit of laughter. after dinner, jenna came over to my place to watch donnie darko. at midnight i got a text from ambika to see if i wanted to play frisbee. so after the movie jenna and i went down and met up with her, meghan, brandon, and ashley. we played around for a while and i just got in. all i'm saying is that i'm glad that i left the apartment. was in one of my depressions that did not get lifted until i got a surprise call from mariana. it was a minimum day at her school, so she was able to give me a call. she was in a similar mood for her own reasons, but the simple act of talking to each other made us feel better. i really hope the ticket to boston during veteran's day weekend isn't too expensive so that she can come to visit.

now to try and get some sleep. *crosses fingers*

- R

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